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The Art of the Sale


with Dr. Len Tau

The Art of Dental Financing


Key Learning Opportunities Include 

Ask Questions and Listen

then devise a treatment plan that addresses each patient’s need

Communication Skills

The latest communication skills (words, tone of voice and body language)

Building Rapport With Patients

Building rapport with patients within seconds of meeting them – how trust breeds case acceptance

How to Present Options

How presenting a few options results in better case acceptance

Written and Signed Plans

Why you need a written and signed treatment plan and what to include in it and your financial arrangements

Confused Minds Don't Buy

Why providing too much detail may hinder your case acceptance.


The best time to mention patient financing during conversations and the proper verbiage to use during finance discussions

Patient Involvement

Why you want the patient to participate in the financial discussion

Financing Options

The different financing options available to your practice are, and the advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

Payment Tips

Specific tips on how to make Care Credit more effective in your office.

Why Care Credit is not the only company to use for 3rd party financing

Which financing companies provide financing for those with less than ideal credit

How to know which financing companies to use for your patient

Save on merchant fees by diversifying you financial options

How to present these options to your patients

Learn about each financing company their advantages and disadvantages

Power tips to effectively use these companies

Receive a workbook with all the information broken down for you

Do you cringe at the idea of discussing money and financial options with your patients? That uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach appears when its time to have the conversation, but you dont know what to say or how to approach it.

For the past 12 years, I have been presenting both treatment and financial options to my patients with terrific success. A lot of dentists tend to back down or hand off those uncomfortable conversations to a less experienced team member  and that is where the breakdown begins

In this three-and-a-half-hour workshop, you will learn how to use proper verbiage, how to discuss financing options, and how to get a YES from your patients. Patient rapport and ultimately getting a patient to say yes. 



Included in The Art of the Sale Workshop:

  • A free list of ‘power tips’ (at the end of the workshop)
  • A spreadsheet of all finance companies available (to help increase overall case acceptance)
  • 50% off this workshop for all Raving Patient Facebook Group members ($225)

Included in The Art of Dental Financing:

  • Which financing companies provide financing for those with less than ideal credit
  • Receive a workbook with all the information broken down for you 
  • 50% off this workshop for all Raving Patients Facebook group members ($125)